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We provide a full range of financing solutions for equipment acquisitions in a variety of industries. With a solutions-oriented approach to asset financing, we develop structures which address our clients’ accounting and tax considerations in conjunction with capital raising functions. Properly structured financings provide a significantly reduced after-tax cost of capital and help address cash flow and balance sheet issues, as well as funding and asset management concerns.

Finance Products:

Term Loan Can be used for new or used equipment financing or, perhaps, a refinancing of existing loans. You may be able to borrow up to 100% of equipment cost, in certain instances. Refinancing is appropriate when existing loans are financed at rates higher than current rates.

Lease Purchase A lease that provides 100% equipment financing and a nominal purchase option at the end of the lease term (e.g. 10% of Equipment Cost).

True Lease A lease for federal income tax purposes offering the option to purchase, renew or return the equipment at lease expiration. This type of lease would allow the lessor to claim the tax benefits on the leased equipment, typically resulting in a lower payment to the lessee. Usually structured on a single investor or leveraged lease basis.

Synthetic Lease
A lease structured to qualify as an operating lease for financial reporting purposes however, the lessee is considered the tax owner of the equipment; thus, taking the depreciation, and any other tax benefits, on its tax return.

Terminal Rental
Adjustment Clause
(TRAC Lease)
A lease limited to titled motor vehicles providing the cost advantages of a True Lease with the added benefit of a predetermined purchase option (guaranteed by the lessee).

Tax Exempt Lease
For Municipalities
A lease available to municipalities, state and local government entities, hospitals, nursing homes and other qualifying entities.

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