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Harrison Capital Corporation ("HCC") is a private investment banking firm specializing in structuring, syndicating and executing medium-to-large scale tax-advantaged institutional financings. HCC has particular expertise in arranging single-investor and leveraged leases and off-balance sheet loans. HCC is also experienced in developing finance programs for equipment manufacturers seeking product sales support and assisting financial institutions in establishing equipment finance operations. Specific financial services provided by HCC include:

* Arranging equipment and real estate lease financings
* Arranging project financings
* Developing vendor finance programs
* Private placement of debt
* Advising on Section 42 tax credit investments
* Portfolio sales, management and analysis
* Securing financing that satisfies our client’s minority- sourcing objectives
* Providing turn-key marketing, document preparation, administrative and accounting support to financial institutions seeking to establish leasing operations

HCC is retained to provide assistance and advice to clients with asset-based financing requirements and those who are seeking investments in such financings. The scope of HCC's participation is full-service support for the client, from the initial evaluation/discussion to the successful completion of the transaction.

HCC concentrates in the placement of both equity and debt for equipment and real estate leases and loans in the range of $100 thousand to $100 million. We are experienced in all aspects of preparing and packaging these transactions. From detailed financial structuring and planning through accounting and tax analysis to documentation and administration, HCC has earned its reputation as a firm which finds the best possible transactions for its clients, then holds them together to completion.

HCC also arranges for the acquisition and sale of entire portfolios of leases and secured loans to its corporate and institutional clients. We have the experience and expertise to analyze and price these transactions, to counsel with all parties on pricing and structure, and to locate buyers, sellers, and funding sources for prompt transaction closings.

We have successfully assisted financial institutions in the establishment of equipment leasing operations. In association with our clients, HCC assists in the development and implementation of objectives, constraints and criteria against which possible transactions can be evaluated and assist in the development of a strategic plan. Our services include, but are not limited to:

* Preparation of financial projections
* Creation of a marketing strategy and underwriting policy
* Determination of lease structures to offer
* Establishment of pricing guidelines
* Identification of required accounting, tax and administrative support
* Marketing (soliciting, screening, transaction summarizing, financial analysis, preparation of proposals and etc.)
* Providing lease structuring and pricing support
* Providing advice on documentation and/or preparing documentation
* Providing accounting and tax information
* Providing portfolio management and syndication services
* Performing equipment disposition services

Expertise in Arranging Asset-Based Financings

The principals of HCC have been involved in equipment financing since the late 1970's in various positions with Whirlpool Corporation, Ford Motor Company, U.S. Leasing, Kendall Capital Partners, L.P., Clark Equipment Credit Corporation, Export Development Corporation and Deutsche Financial Services, D’Accord Financial Services, Bank of America, Rolls-Royce North America, Chrysler Financial, Koch Industries and Dana Commercial Credit. See Resumes in Section III.

As evidenced by our transaction list in Section IV, a unique feature of HCC is that our people have had direct "hands-on" experience on all sides of a lease financing. Our clients receive the benefit of this experience. When we act as an advisor to a lessee or lessor, we bring a special insight--we have been lessees and lessors and are, therefore, better at understanding the issues of our clients in acting as an advocate for their position. This personal knowledge of the impact of the issues serves both our lessee and lessor clients.

Client and Equipment Knowledge

Much of HCC's work and historical success in arranging financings comes from establishing a very detailed and cooperative relationship with our clients and fully understanding their objectives and constraints. We are good listeners and work to structure and arrange financings which will please the financial and legal departments of the client. Our staff members have direct corporate experience in facility and equipment financings derived first-hand at Fortune 500 companies and banks, which adds to our sensitivity to issues that are important to the client.

Reputation for Obtaining the Most Attractive Financings

Tax-based financings such as leases are one of the few financial mechanisms where creativity can enhance or maintain the cost of a financing to the "borrower" while enhancing or maintaining the yield of the investor. HCC's staff is expert in the development and application of computer programs designed to optimize this economic relationship. We also maintain an ongoing research and development effort to stay current on tax and accounting rules affecting a broad range of financing structures.

As a result of HCC’s constant presence in the capital markets, HCC has developed an intimate knowledge of investors’ pricing targets, credit/collateral preferences and documentation needs. This market presence also contributes to our ability to stay current on market trends which allows us to be innovators in the markets we serve. HCC strives to continue to distinguish itself by assessing clients’ needs, designing creative solutions to satisfy these needs, and developing relationships in a professional manner to earn respect and repeat business of our clients.

Documentation and Transaction Facilitation

HCC's role as advisor does not end with the bid recommendation or the submission of the proposal and the signing of the commitment letter. We also participate in the documentation process and advise our clients through negotiations and closing. HCC professionals have extensive experience in negotiations and are often able to improve on the terms of the final proposal through negotiations. For example, we would advise our clients of which interest rate indices to use, the "market-reasonableness" of a position taken by a lessee and where the lessee or lessor might be willing to yield a non-market point. In addition to quantitative aspects of the transaction, HCC can help clients negotiate many "non-money" points which often become very important in the resale, restructuring or refinancing of the transaction and the protection of the lessor's residual position. Through our experience, we have not only enhanced our clients' lease economics, but have also created a reputation for HCC among lessors, lenders and lessees as a firm which insists upon protecting our clients' best interests.

After final negotiations, HCC also advises on the status of the final documentation and helps to ensure a smooth and orderly closing schedule. Finally, HCC assists its clients and their counsel in the normal post-closing process.

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